Frequently Asked Questions

SnappyBox Moving and Storage

Packing & Loading FAQs

SnappyBox Moving and Storage

Packing & Loading FAQs

Do you sell/rent storage supplies?

Yes, we have a variety of storage supplies to rent (blankets, straps, locks, hand trucks), ask one of our reps about supplies when renting. We also partner with a third-party for any other moving supplies such as boxes, tape, etc. You find that information here

Do you have hand trucks and dollies available at your facility?

Yes, we do have hand trucks and furniture dollies, but availability is limited. Feel free to ask our staff for item availability at the time of rental.

Do I need to provide my own lock?

You can, but we also sell disc-pad locks ($12.99 + tax).

What size lock fits the container?

Most standard padlocks will fit our latches, but we also provide circular disc locks that can be purchased and delivered with your unit.

Are there any items that I am NOT able to store?

Liquids, Explosives, Flammable liquids, Toxic materials, and Perishables. Please contact us if you have any questions about a specific item. See our contract for a complete list.

Is there a weight limit?

The maximum weight limit for our containers are: 12’ Container = 4,700 lbs, 16’ Container = 4,200 lbs, and 20′ Container = 3700 lbs.
Customers do not have to calculate their content’s weight, so the weight limits should be used as a guideline when packing the container. If you’re concerned that you may be approaching the maximum weight, pick out your heaviest items and look for comparable items online. Most retail websites will list the weight of their items. The total weight of your heaviest items shouldn’t exceed 75% of the total allowed weight. Heavy items to consider are appliances, sofas, large entertainment centers, bookcases, bedroom chests, safes, exercise equipment, pianos and pool tables.

Does SnappyBox offer contents protection coverage options or coverage for damage to the container? How much are those options and what is covered?

Please call our Customer Care Team for information or you can find that information out on our reservation form. 

How is a SnappyBox container moved?

The SnappyBox delivery truck is equipped with a vertical hydraulic lift system, designed to reduce shifting of your contents. It securely transports the SnappyBox container to and from your location.

Are SnappyBox containers waterproof?

SnappyBox containers are weather-resistant. The container is designed to protect your items against typical weather conditions such as falling rain and snow.

Are there eyelets of tie downs in the SnappyBox containers?

All of our containers have e-track slots. Straps can be rented from SnappyBox or you can use your own.

What is the wind resistance of a SnappyBox container?

SnappyBox containers have been determined to withstand wind velocities of up to 110 mph winds when fully loaded, depending on weather conditions and container placement.

What are your containers made from?

SnappyBox containers are made of a steel frame with specially designed, aluminum skin panels, and a galvanized roof. SnappyBox containers do not allow sunlight inside of the container which could cause fading and increased humidity. There is a light-weight steel swing door and e-track on the interior walls for you to tie down your belongings for transit .